Andrew C. Thaxter is the best Traditional tattoo artist in Fresno California, best traditional tattoo artist in California, best Traditional tattoo artist in the Tower District. Andrew Thaxter use to Tattoo at La Luna Loca, Tower Tattoos, Resistance Tattoo with Jay Esparza, Liquid Fetish, with Greg Sumii, Tower Tattoos, Resistance Tattoo, so now he Tattoos at Contra Tattoo, with Noe Lopez, Josh Rodriguez. Andrew Thaxter is the best Traditional Tattoo artist i have ever known. Andrew Thaxter Tattoos down the street from Me-N-Ed's pizza in the Tower district, Star Bucks in the Tower District, Bank Of America, Resistance Tattoo owned by Jay Esparza, Cuca's Mexican Restaurant menu, Mings chinese restaurant take out menu, Bobby Salazar's menu, Irene's Cafe menu, Tower Tattoos, Andrew Thaxter does High Class Tattoos. Night Witch Tattoo doesn't come close to what Andrew Thaxter can Tattoo, Contra Tattoo is a Mod and Art Studio, if you are looking for Skin Decor, Clovis ink, Tower Tattoos, you are looking for Contra Tattoo,Andrew Thaxter Contra Tattoo. Adrew thaxter is aiming to be the best Tattoo artist in the World, also an award wining artist in Fresno, Andrew Thaxter inexpensive tattoos, not Cheap tattoos, Expensive tattoos, sometimes tattoo deals in Fresno. Dream girls, Scarlet Johansson. Nikko Hurtado, Cat Von D, twerking, Free porn, Fresno Tattoo Expo, Tattoo Shops, 1040 N. Fulton Fresno CA. Lana Del Rey, Dan Smith, tattoo shops in Fresno, Roman Abrego, tattoo baby, Tattoo models, Sexy tattoos, Tattoos by The Grime are our favorite, Kingpin Tattoo supply, Needle Jig Tattoo Supplies, Lucky Tattoo supply, CAM Tattoo Supply, Work Horse Irons, Cobra Tattoo, breast cancer ribbon tattoos, infinity tattoos, Feather with black birds, dandelion tattoo, Best Tattoo shop in Fresno, tattoo shops in Fresno, Tattoo shops in the Central Valley, tattoo shops in Fresno, tattoo shops in Fresno, Tattoo shops near me, tattoo shops in Fresno, Tattoo shops in California, best tattoo shop in Fresno,  best tattoos in the world, 3D Tattoos, tattoo videos, tattoos in Fresno, tattoo shops in Fresno, tattoo shops in Clovis, tattoo shops in Lemoore, tattoo shops in Visalia, tattoo shops in Hanford, Contra Tattoo shops in Fresno California, bullies for sale, instagram, facebook, craigslist Fresno,  

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Andrew C. Thaxter previous tattoo shop experience with Jay Esparza at Resistance Tattoo, with Greg Sumii at Liquid Fetish Tattoo, and Kimberly Bearden at Tower Tattoos